Autumn potpourri



School has begun, the campus is bustling, and the smell of pencil shavings wafts through the air. Well, at least in the Art Department. In SLIS, it’s more like the smell of iPads. To kick off the school year, we’ve compiled a list of blogs, sites and apps that may just make your teaching life easier. Course syllabus:


Beginning in 2009 the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has compiled an annual list of Best Websites for Teaching & Learning. 2013 saw that list joined by Best Apps For Teaching & Learning. The site spans many age ranges and has such useful categories as: Books, Science, Organization, Social Sciences and Content Creation. Apps recommended include Shakespeare In Bits, Simple Physics, EasyBib, Barefoot World Atlas and Educreations.


256px-XBOX_360_controllerA growing trend in libraries involves beefing up video game options to increase patron use among teens and tweens. An August NPR segment “At Libraries Across America, It’s Game On,” by Sami Yenigun ponders the point and wonders if games are the key to turning libraries into community centers. Some may object to the blatant bait-and-switch, but like CNN’s Ruben Navarrette says in “Do Video Games Belong in Libraries?,”if you want to save souls, first you need to put folks in the pews.”


Are you an ‘appy librarian? Check this list and find out. has enumerated the 25 Most Popular Apps Used By Librarians. (Oh, how we do love to list things!) The categories are: Reading; Organization, Productivity and Work; News; and From the Library of Congress. Learn how to handle multiple Twitter accounts with OsfooraHD, and find something to Tweet (no. 14) about with World Book This Day in History (no. 18).


Free_Cube Apps Gone Free (Best Daily Top App Deals) is a free App that gives you daily updates on free Apps. The freebies allow you to acquire a nice selection of apps and all it costs is a little patience. Many games are featured, but keep an eye out for great productivity apps. For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

128px-Redmond_Color A shout out to Sarah Keeling, SLIS Student Services Manager, for letting us know about this one from EDTech Magazine. Did your favorite tech blog make the dean’s list? Consult “The 2013 Dean’s List: 50 Must-Read Higher Education Technology Blogs: The best blogs on MOOCs, cloud computing, mobile learning, social media, digital pedagogy and more” to find out. And for those who don’t know what a MOOC — Massive Open Online Course —  is, see more at MOOC List.