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A tab for each open file with iAnnotateIs it the Paperless Society or the PDF Society? Either way, people still want to make their marks on things. Achieving the ease of a scribble on paper in the electronic world isn’t quite there yet, but is coming along nicely.

The three iPad apps that usually get top billing for making notes on PDF files are: GoodReader, PDF Expert and iAnnotate.  The three share many features — highlighting text in docs, adding “sticky notes,” etc. but handling ease varies.

Choosing PDF editing apps is a lot like choosing a mattress — everyone has very personal preferences. It’s best to read reviews then download and take a nap on one, so to speak.

App Store ratings indicate that the three are about equal. GoodReader:  4+ stars out of 5. $4.99; PDF Expert: 5 stars out of 5. $9.99; iAnnotate: 4+ stars out of 5. $9.99.

I tried all three and ultimately prefer iAnnotate. Many people and sites, however, prefer PDF Expert for its user-File and folder organization of iAnnotatefriendly format. While iAnnotate’s file organization and searching were once weak, the file organization is now the familiar folder and subfolder organization. Files are searchable by file name, user added tags or full text.

What works for me are: iAnnotate’s scrolling options, file organization, searching, and easy ability to have multiple files open at once with simple tabbed access. TabTimes: Tablets for Business says “iAnnotate is an indispensable tool for marking up all sorts of documents. Choose from a variety of pen types, highlighters, stamps, and other tools.”

For more info to find the best PDF app for you, explore the links below.

Summer Apps

CAM00065.000Calculate just how much fun in the sun you can handle with Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App for iphone or ipad. Enter your location, skin tone and what level of sunscreen you’re using and Wolfram will calculate just how long you have before you go from sunkissed to sunburned. All for a mere 99 cents. The app also gives: UV forecast, sun position, sunrise and sunset times and weather forecast.

IMG_0178IMG_0177On the other hand, if you believe there’s no such thing as a safe tan (or if you’re inside on the computer all the time), don’t bake it, fake it! Get beautifully bronzed for all your Social Media posts with AutoTan (99 cents).

Think your fake e-tan should be free like a real suntan? Then pretty your pixels at iTanning. (Images on left are from iTanning.)

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