5799451725_d56b4f3336_zGreetings from Davis College, home of the School of Library & Information Science at the University of South Carolina where contemporary issues in librarianship are passionately pursued.

Librarians are curious souls, fearless lovers of knowledge, and world-changers. We’re not the shushers of yesterday and the timid need not apply.

We are vocal advocates for freedom of information, fierce guardians of the First Amendment, leaders in our communities, and active engagers in our worlds (and people who really, really like to make lists!).

We are Web designers, researchers, data specialists, vanguards, traditionalists, cutting edge technology leaders, knowledge pushers, preservationists, and the original search engine.

Whether you want to work in a traditional library setting or blaze a trail with the latest technology, Davis College is the place to be. Faculty, instructors, and students work hard to graduate quality information professionals of the future in a rich library environment.

Batman and Robin meme
Batman Slapping Robin meme

On this site you’ll find bits of technology information, featured apps and websites with a scholarly, librarianship leaning. Originally, the site was planned to be a typical scholarly apps site, but there are other sites — listed and linked to at the top of the sidebar — with more manpower that have already ably covered that territory.

Rather than re-create the wheel, we have decided to add to and decorate existing wheels. Consider us the 40-inch chrome, the GloRyder lights, or perhaps just some iced-out Swarovski crystal tire valve-stem caps to your information hub.

New and glorious content will appear bi-monthly on the SLISbits Blog.